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Movie Monday- You Get Me

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

You Get Me- Netflix

"After a one-night stand, Holly develops a dangerous obsession with Tyler and transfers to his high school, desperate to keep their romance alive."

This movie is a great example of obsessive behavior. In the movie, Holly is "obsessed" with Tyler, In this situation, by "obsessed", she is very attracted to Tyler and wants to spend time with him and be his girlfriend. Holly makes decisions based on her feelings.

Holly engages in criminal activity, as well as possible tort actions.

Holly demonstrates physical abuse (hitting, kicking, etc) and emotional abuse (stalking, harassment).

One example of harassment is when she continues to contact Tyler after he asks her not to. There are several more examples of harassment and stalking in the movie.

This movie is a great example of emotional and physical abuse.

For more information on emotional abuse, take our upcoming course on emotional abuse and learn more about different kinds of emotional abuse!

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