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Movie Monday- My Wife's Secret Life

In this movie, the main character, Laurel, is stalked and harassed by her one night stand, Kent.

Laurel's husband cheated on her. They attended therapy and worked it out, but still had some issues. While on a business trip, Laurel sleeps with Kent. She immediately regrets it and tells Kent she is not interested.

Kent continues to pursue her, and threatens to release a sex tape he made of them if she does not date him. Kent continues to stalk Laurel, including going to her work, calling her multiple times, and eventually, turning up at the resort that Laurel and her husband were visiting, and pushing her husband down the stairs.

At this point, Laurel tells her husband, and they try to move on with their life, but Kent continues to stalk Laurel. He leaves a rose in her house, follows her, and even fakes a car accident to talk to Laurel's sister. Kent starts a relationship with the sister, while Laurel gets the police involved and has the kids go to stay with her sister to be safe...... Watch the movie to find out how it ends :)

This movie is a good example of sexual extortion, harassment, and stalking. To learn more about emotional abuse crimes, sign up for our next advocacy course at!

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