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Movie Monday- Only Mine

Only Mine is based loosely on the true story of Laura Kucera. In the movie, Laura's character is named Julie, and the movie is about Julie dating a cop named David.

While Julie is happy with David at first, he starts to do certain things that upset Julie.

For example, he texts her way too much, and sends multiple texts without an answer. Generally, texting others is not illegal. And not harassment. But- if the texts get threatening, or start to upset the other person (like in this case), then it becomes a problem. If your significant other, or anyone, asks you to stop contacting them, the safest thing to do is stop texting them. Even though this does not seem serious, it is emotionally abusive and can be very hurtful to the other person. It can cause fear, anxiety, panic, etc. In some cases, if a person continuously contacts the other person even after being asked to stop, the person being texted can take legal action to be left alone.

David also shows up at places unannounced. Again, if someone has already asked you to stop contacting them, it is probably not a great idea to just show up where you know they will be.

He keeps pursuing her even after she has made it clear they are over. Julie goes to the police, but with David being a police officer, they dismiss her.