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Movie Monday- Reviving Ophelia

"Promise you’ll never leave me."

"I can’t believe you’re so selfish."

"Now I know you know not to make plans without talking to me first."

"You’re not going to wear that right?"

These are only a few of the comments that Elizabeth's boyfriend, Mark, says to her in this movie.

At first, their relationship was great. Elizabeth was showing off her new boyfriend to her friends and family. Everyone loved Mark.

But then, he started calling her every hour.

He tracked her phone.

He waited outside her friend's house the entire time she was there.

At first, she thought it was sweet, but it quickly became too much and scared her.

The first time he put hurt her, she claimed she got in a car accident. Mark promised he would not hurt her again.

He hit her again, and this time her cousin saw them talk about it. The cousin asked Elizabeth, but she promised it would not happen again.

Elizabeth had to stay after class to pick up stuff with another male student. Mark saw her, and punched her.

The cousin saw this and told the school.

The school called Elizabeth's mom, but she said tripped.

Elizabeth's parents put her in counseling. Elizabeth told the counselor that it was her fault and she loves him and he loves her.

“What does it say when he hits you?”

Her therapist asked her that, but she stayed with him.

Elizabeth told her parents she’d end it but she didn’t.

Then he wouldn’t stop calling her.

Her cousin told Elizabeth's parents.

Her therapist told her that it was abuse/had her read what it is, and finally realizes it was abuse.

She tried to break up with him, but he said he would kill himself.

He sent her a text saying you don’t deserve to live.

She got order of protection.

The judge told her to stick to safety plan.

A few days later she went with her cousin to a concert, and he showed up with gun.

Luckily, Elizabeth talked him down, and the police came before someone got hurt.

This movie is not based on a specific true story but this is a story that women and men all across the world are facing.

Learn more about emotional abuse and the evolution into physical abuse at

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